Ukraine S&T Landscape

Research organisations are unevenly dispersed throughout Ukrainian regions. They are concentrated mostly in economically developed regions. According to the data, 18.2% of all Ukrainian science and technology organisations (378 units) are located in a capital region (Kyiv and its oblast). In Kharkiv region there are 293 organisations (14.1%), in Donets'k region —207 organisations (10 %), Lviv – 168 organisations (8.1%) and Dnipropetrovs'k — 103 organisations (5 %). On the whole, these five regions accommodated more than half (almost 55.4 %) of all organisations of Ukraine participating in R&D.

Concerning the regional aspect of personnel potential of science, Kyiv region dominates. The capital contain above 36% of scientists of country and provides to Kyiv the considerable tearing off from Kharkiv (17.2%) and Donetsk (7.6%).

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