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Since 1991, when Ukraine gained independence, the European Union and Ukraine have developed an increasingly dynamic relationship. Ukraine is a priority partner country within the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and the Eastern Partnership.

The current legal framework for EU-Ukraine relations is provided by the Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA).

The ambitions of both the EU and Ukraine to enhance their relationship created an opportunity to move beyond cooperation towards gradual economic integration and deepening political association.

Therefore, in March 2007 negotiations on a new EU-Ukraine Association Agreement were launched to replace the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. The new agreement also envisages, following Ukraine’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in May 2008, the establishment of a deep and comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU.

Since negotiations and ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will take some more years before the full Agreement can enter into force, the sides decided to adopt the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda.

Information from the Delegation of the EU to Ukraine web-portal

Files to download

 EU-Ukraine Action Plan

 EU-Ukraine Association Agenda

 EU-Ukraine Association Agenda Priorities

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